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Find your EMS and EMA Studio online at - Your portal for EMS training and EMS fitness worldwide! Very many people around the world, no matter if ... Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Poland, Spain, Italy or Turkey ... are interested in EMS. But do you know what EMS is? Very often, companies such as bodystreet are associated with the term stimulus current. Let us explain to you what two Soviet scientists have to do with it.

The development of TENS, EMS and EMA to the sport

The EMS principle has its origin in rehabilitation - a method for the promotion of the recovery process during injuries in sport. At the end of the 1960s / beginning of the seventies the idea of ​​EMS was perfected for the first time. Originally the method for the performance port was designed to build muscle after injuries. In a form of physiotherapy the power in the legs and arms should be rebuilt quickly. These two forms of technology, ie TENS and EMS, later merge with each other and form the current standard for EMS devices.

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and describes a healing method for the control of pain with electrodes that relay current to certain points. The principle behind this is quite simple: electrical impulses are transmitted by means of electrodes placed on the skin. The process itself has been known for several thousand years since the Egyptians used this method for pain relief about 4500 years ago. In doing so, affected body sites were anointed and covered with eel-like fish. These small animals gave off electricity surges through their surface due to their physiognomy. Admittedly, the control of the current surges was somewhat difficult since you had no controllers, but the principle was the same. For our current equipment at the EMS or TENS and EMA, Professor Melzack and Wall, as forefathers of the method.

EMS, EMA and TENS in our time

The development of the two professors laid the foundations for our current EMS - EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. At the end of the 1990s, EMS was integrated into the fitness market for the first time. The breakthrough of EMS was supported by the two equipment manufacturers "miha bodytec" (EMS) and "Amplitrain" (EMA), which developed between 2006 and 2007 corresponding devices, which form the basis for todays EMS fitness studios.
TENS and EMS form the main processes known to us. Apart from these, there is also a third form of electro-muscle stimulation: EMA, the electrical muscle activation!
EMA, on the other hand, uses the medium frequency, which is technically more complex to produce. Muscle cells are physiologically addressed and contracted. The basis here is cell activation instead of nerve stimulation.

EMA and EMS training in practice

In the center, purely technical, stands the EMS or EMA device, which is the switching center for each EMS training. Without this control unit, the trainer can not control the individual electrodes on the body. But where exactly are the electrodes for the training? Quite simple, these current transformers are incorporated into belts, tapes and vests, which are applied by the trainer. There is a large pool of vendors and manufacturers for EMS devices that even allow a wireless training (wireless via APP) with a kind of EMS suit or power suit.
For your EMS training there is a special vest with electrodes for the abdomen, chest and back - depending on the supplier of the EMS equipment, even more electrodes can be installed.
These electrodes transfer the electrical impulses to your body at short intervals! At these intervals, you will be given exercises with your coach for the abdomen, legs and buttocks. In the muscle contraction during the 20 to 25 minutes means your workout, which is specially tailored to you - depending on which was your problem zone. Do not worry, the EMS voltage is in the milliampere range and is set by the personal trainer with controller on the console or via TAB - APP. It is sometimes very useful to visit a smaller independent EMS studio. This is used in training for the aids, such as balls or dumbbells, which make the training even more attractive.

EMS - Training lets go in just 20 minutes!

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